Creative Direction

I started my craft as a visual storyteller when I was a junior in high school. I picked up a simple digital camera and started taking pictures of well, myself. And to my surprise, I discovered my eye for photography. By starting my journey of selfie-taking, I learned I have a true passion for creating. I went on to get my BA in 2010, specializing in art studio with an emphasis in graphic design while starting my career journey in 2013, and officially graduating in 2014. I have fulfilled multiple advertising and marketing roles as well as production roles as a designer and photographer since. My experiences in the industry have armed me with a very broad skill set, from managing creative teams, being responsible for the design & imagery, creative concepts and final outputs including social media content, print and web development. I work very hard to get the best from the teams I work with and to push creativity to achieve my client's goals. 


Social Media

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Faith Church
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Faith Church
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The Paper

Faith Church

Dyer, IN

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Branding Guide

Christian Life Center

Tinley Park, IL


Photo Editing

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Graphic Design


Northwest Indiana


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