Herding Tigers by Todd Henry

Herding Tigers is a practical handbook for guiding and teaching managers and leaders how to effectively oversee, guide and grow creative teams.

What I loved about this book was not only did it talk about what steps you should be taking as someone in charge, but how you should be allowing your team to function and thrive in a realistic way. We all know that working with our peers can be difficult, hell just working with people can be difficult and this book did a great job of explaining and not sugar coating real life situations. It gave me an inside view of what I need to be doing as a leader and how to empower those who are on my team. The importance of trust and faith, and the importance of work balance and communication. Here are just a few one line takeaways that I had from reading this book:

  • Faith that if merely spoken isn't real

  • What is your leadership philosophy and what are your principles?

  • Maintain your edge

  • In creative work, everything hinges on trust

"Leaders have to believe deeply in themselves and what they're doing. People want to be led by those who exude personal strength" - Bill Taylor
  1. Your job is to ensure that your team understands not only what they are doing, but also what they are not doing.

  2. Create a library full of stimuli

  3. Great leaders embrace healthy conflict and use it to sharpen the team where as poor leaders try to prematurely resolve it

  4. Your greatest impact comes not from the work you do - it comes from changing lives, including your own

Some of these may not make sense when first reading them, but trust me they are powerful tools. I highly encourage not only leaders of creatives to read this but creatives themselves. I would categorize myself not only as a leader, but also as a creative and it gave great insights into both positions. The book also does a wonderful job by asking its reader questions along the way to make you think about your position, thought process and takeaways.

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