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Why Elope?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


The term "elopement" is so much bigger now than what it used to be. I get it, the old definition of it was associated with runaway brides, a commitment that couples wanted to keep secret, basically a term with a bad rep to it. Now, the definition of elopement has completely changed, especially within the last 5-10 years.

An elopement is a meaningful commitment celebration, intentionally created to bring focus back to the couple on their wedding day. It's designed to focus on the commitment over all the craziness of the ceremony. An elopement is an authentic, real and specifically chosen celebration crafted by the couple.

Elopements are specific & customized.



As you're reading this you'll probably recognize a common theme to all of these categories. That you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

When you choose to elope the flexibility of where your wedding is located is endless! You don't have to take into consideration the amount of seating or space that you would need.

Most people when they hear the term elope they think of a small chapel or even a courthouse wedding. Which are still ceremonies that happen and in a fabulous way, but when you elope you have SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to location.

A lot of couples are choosing to pick epic landmarks for their commitment. Or even because of COVID restrictions they're choosing to have intimate ceremonies in a loved one's house. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

This is what I love about elopements, they don't have to be done in a traditional way. Couple literally can do whatever feels best to them.

When choosing a location to elope I highly recommend thinking about the following:

  1. Do you want to travel?

  2. What type of scenery do you like to be surrounded by?

  3. Inside or outside?

  4. What's our favorite season?



Some think there's a standard to what a ceremony should look like. I beg to differ. You're unique, your story is unique & your day is unique. No two relationships are the same, so why should we all get married the same way?

Life is made up of moments, real, raw and authentic. You should be able to give yourself space and time to to be fully present on your day, whatever it may entail. See all that is happening. The choice to spend your life with another person for better or for worse on your wedding day is only described as priceless. That's why your day, should be full of moments that are totally YOU. Love is this thing that we don't fully comprehend, but fully choose. Let your wedding day photographs & video be a reflection of the passion and dedication you're choosing with your partner for the rest of your lives.

Contact me and start planning your dream day!

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